Mini Donut Time Machine!

Indulge me if you will. I’d like you to step into my time machine and close your eyes. Now, I will set the scene- you are young and at the State or County Fair; the boardwalk by the beach, the bakery around the corner or an amusement park. Are you there? Now, take in the aromas of that moment and what do you smell? The answer. The most comforting, sweet, distinct and amazing aroma that is created by the mini doughnut stand!

Those hot delicious little mini doughnuts that you can eat plain, but when they are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar; drizzled with chocolate sauce, or dusted with powdered sugar – oh man it’s just an amazing classic taste that has withstood the test of time.

Don’t you wish you could experience those aromas and tastes again? Well “Kiss the Cook” catering does not have a time machine, but we have teamed up “Doughlicious Donuts”, and can now make this happen by bringing the amazing mini donut machine to you! It’s a fun, unique, amazing, delicious, mouth-watering and affordable way to bring a smile to everyone’s face -regardless of age!

Why settle for the ordinary? You can make your next special day; wedding, family reunion, grand opening or any other event a huge hit with “Kiss the Cook” and “Doughlicious Donuts” mini donuts. Call today for surprisingly affordable pricing and get ready to step back in time! We will throw in the amazing aromas and trip down memory lane for FREE!

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