What else can I say other than THANK YOU.

My wife and I decided that DIY was the direction that we were going to go with our wedding.  It was fun to do it but one thing that was a concern of ours was the caterer.  Since we both cook quite a bit, and both of our families are the same way, the catering was a constant concern.  Enter Goodnight Gracie.
We found them (as well as other caterers) on Yelp.  I can say that I spoke to each caterer once or twice at the most but I spoke with Roxanne at least 15 times…and that was before I actually met her.  She was charming and very comforting.

Now to the big day-they came in and handled it.  The food was UNBELIEVABLE-my suggestion is get 2 main courses and make sure one of them is the Shrimp Scampi.  Trust me.  Eddie is a master chef who genuinely takes pride in his craft.  He has a sincerity about him that is very endearing and bottom-line his food is delectable.  Their staff was friendly, accommodating, and flexible.  Needless to say we kept them on their toes and they handled every piece of adversity without a blink of an eye.

We really appreciate you Eddie And Roxanne.  We wish you many successes and are very appreciative of your contribution to your big day.

Thank you.

The Facters (David, Warunee, & Nutmeg)

David F.

Review via Yelp