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Check out some of our appetizers, salads, soups and entrees to fit all palates and budgets! Just a tiny sample of what we can do! Don’t see your favorite here? Just ask us and we’ll make it for you! We also offer a children’s menu and work with special dietary requests.







Healthy / Vegetarian


Dessert Services

Baking and preparing deserts calls for exact measurements and timing which as a chef I don’t do. But here’s the good news…I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal and her name is Darlene.  She is the best baker and makes some of the most stunning, amazing, eye catching, beautiful and delicious desserts you’ve ever tasted or seen in your life! So, despite the fact I don’t make deserts, Kiss the Cook catering has you covered because I know a guy who knows a gal…

Bartender Services

Need a Bartender for Your Next Event?

Well look no further because the bar is open!

Kiss The Cook Catering is proud to announce our new company called “On The Rox” for all your bar-tending needs!

Alcoholic Beverages, please note that we do not purchase alcohol. We can recommend a bartender at your request – please see the “On The Rox LV” page for more information.

Per Person Guarantee: Final head count is due 2 weeks before your event. If the final head count is LESS than or MORE than the original head count by 10 people, additional charges may apply.