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Celebrate Good Times Come On!

Ok I admit that I did steal that line from the Kool and the Gang hit song of the 80’s “Celebrate” but there are so many events coming up in May, June and July that it just seemed apropos. Let’s see in May there’s Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, proms and Memorial Day. Then in June, we got tons of graduation parties, weddings, Father’s Day and the beginning of Summer. Then of course we have the fireworks of the Fourth of July, picnics and pool parties. So, with so much to celebrate you will no doubt need a caterer to feed all the family and friends! Gee I wonder if I know someone that serves amazing food at affordable prices and offers the best customer service in Las Vegas, North America and the world so […]

Love and Food!

All you need is love, love is higher than a mountain, thicker than water, like oxygen, in the air and of course on your plate as they say the way to one’s heart is through their stomach! As the chef for “Kiss the Cook” catering, I’m often asked what meal I prepare for my beautiful wife and business partner Roxanne on Valentine’s Day.

Well I would probably start off with a caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, basil and roma tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Then perhaps a Caesar salad on a chilled plate with my homemade dressing and shaved parmesan. Follow that with some grilled filet mignon with a hollandaise sauce, roasted asparagus and a twice baked potato. For desert perhaps some tiramisu with fresh strawberries, a grand marnier after dinner drink, a nice big […]

A “Happy Meal” from Kiss the Cook Catering

McDonald’s used to have a famous slogan “over a billion burgers sold” and while “Kiss the Cook” catering of Las Vegas will never approach those astronomical numbers, we are feeding lots of great people and receiving lots of amazing compliments on the Kiss the Cook catered food and the catering services that we provide, and we prefer the quality over the quantity!

A “Happy Meal” from Kiss the Cook Catering of Las Vegas

Recently, Kiss the Cook catered 4 holiday lunches in which we fed over 400 people in two days! Again, not quite the massive quantities served by the famous clown Ronald but still a great accomplishment for a small family catering company like ours! And the best accolade, 3 of the 4 clients we served were repeat catering customers from the previous […]

Food is the BEST way to pay it forward!

Kiss The Cook Catering of Las Vegas - Amazing Catered Food at Affordable Catered Pricing Kiss The Cook Catering of Las Vegas – Amazing Catered Food at Affordable Catered Pricing

Let’s face it, the world is a crazy place to live in these days! However, I’m here to tell you that food can make things better…. well at least taste better! There are many reasons “Kiss the Cook” Catering is hired to provide amazing food and unsurpassed customer service for events such as graduations, weddings, baby showers, business dinners, house warmings, birthdays and many other special gettogethers and gatherings and we love them all and appreciate the love we get in return. But then there are also times when we make food for friends, family, neighbors and/or coworkers […]

“All Aboard” with Kiss the Cook!

All Aboard for an amazing catering express! Traveling by train was pretty swanky back in the day so it was a wonderful experience for ‘Kiss the Cook” catering of Las Vegas to be the caterer of choice for a special birthday party celebration aboard the historic train of Boulder City, Nevada for a dining experience that was unique and delicious!

Las Vegas Catering – Kiss The Cook

Serving a 5-course meal on a moving train has some challenges, but our staff was not derailed and stayed on track! Ok, I admit that was corny writing, but the 44 guests started off the adventure with 2 appetizers including smoked salmon bites and bruschetta atop grilled French baguette. That was followed by Caesar salad, tomato bisque, lime sorbet and then filet mignon with demi-glace sauce, new potatoes, […]

Diginity Health

Hello Humankindness!

Dignity Health, which is celebrating over 70 years in Southern Nevada, recently had Kiss the Cook Catering host a night of appreciation at their newest facility. Kiss the Cook served filet mignon crostini, crab cakes with a remoulade sauce, caprese salad cups and smoked salmon bites.

They also used our “On the Rox” bartending service for the event. The celebration was well received, and the client was very impressed with the food and service. Sure to be another repeat customer for Kiss the Cook!

Congratulations Dignity Health!

Pinnacle Homes

If you are in the real estate business everyone knows the saying “Location, Location, Location!” Well if you are in the catering business its “Location, Delicious and amazing food delivered to your location, Location!” I got to work a little on the slogan, but I think you get where I’m going with this.

Recently, Kiss the Cook Catering provided some amazing appetizers and incredible desserts to Pinnacle Homes open house showing of two new houses in the Northwest. The houses were stunning, and the event was a huge success. In one house Kiss the Cook featured mouthwatering jalapeno poppers, filet mignon sliders and mini crab cakes and in the other showing were awesome deserts like mini cheesecakes, fresh fruit and homemade cookies.

And how did the food go over? Well at the end of the day both […]

You can make a difference in the fight against hunger!

Three Square is a “Feeding America” affiliate that provides food directly to hungry people, with over 40% being children, so they get the food and nutrition they need. For every dollar given, Three Square can provide up to three meals for hungry families, seniors and children in need.

Kiss the Cook Catering supports this amazing cause and hopes you can too.

Together we can feed everyone!

I Do to Marriage….and Food!

Since this is Vegas let’s make a bet. I’ll bet that you could walk in a room of 100 married couples and ask how many of you were married by the Chef at your wedding? Pretty safe bet that not one would raise their hands, right?

Therefore, Kiss the Cook catering has a unique and exclusive way to tie the knot that’s sure to make you win that bet. Besides being a great chef and the fact that you and your guests will have some amazing food that I create at the day of your celebration, I am also an official ordained minister and can legally wed anyone in Clark County (Las Vegas) and the State of Nevada to any couple of any denomination, any affiliation and any sexual preference. Yes, you’ve read correctly not only […]

Kiss The Cook Dessert Services

Baking and preparing deserts calls for exact measurements and timing which as a chef I don’t do. But here’s the good news…I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal and her name is Darlene. She is the best baker and makes some of the most stunning, amazing, eye catching, beautiful and delicious desserts you’ve ever tasted or seen in your life! So, despite the fact I don’t make deserts, Kiss the Cook catering has you covered because I know a guy who knows a gal…

Progressive Insurance

One of the most popular advertising campaigns on television is the Progressive Insurance spots featuring Flo the insurance lady. They’re very clever and funny so it was an honor for Kiss the Cook catering to serve Flo and the Progressive Insurance team for three years in a row to honor Veterans and to give a car away to a family in need! We served some amazing food including glazed salmon, meatballs, pasta, Caesar salad and Flo’s favorite Toasted Ravioli! with home made marinara for dipping.

Great day, great people and a great cause!
Thank you, Progressive Insurance!




Food! Glorious Food!

“Food glorious food” is not only a song from “Oliver” it’s a celebration of life. I know deep huh? But think about it for a minute. Imagine a family get-together, a vacation, a special occasion, lunch with friends, breakfast in bed, a late supper, a romantic dinner for two and many other gatherings. Most of these events are centered around food.

“Food! Glorious food!”

As a chef, I’ve been fortunate enough to cook in some of the most beautiful houses, mansions and estates and the one thing I’ve always noticed is that no matter how big or lavish the house is almost everyone at the event eventually congregates in the kitchen! That’s because good food makes people happy and nothing makes us happier than to see everyone in the kitchen enjoying “Kiss the Cook” food […]

Proud to be an American

I remember when I was just a little chef someone asked my father what political party he was affiliated with and my Dad simply smiled and said, “I’m just proud to be an American”. It really struck a chord with me as this was way before Lee Greenwoods’ amazing “Proud to be an American” song of 1984. So now that I’m a big chef, I was proud to be grilling for a great company in Las Vegas at their annual 4th of July celebration luncheon. We grilled some great brats, dogs, burgers and the biggest fan favorite mac and cheese for the hungry and appreciative crowd. They decorated the place with plenty of the good old red white and blue flags and bunting and I was just really honored to be celebrating with them. Today […]

Our Clients

Kiss The Cook Catering has catered everything from backyard parties with fall off the bone ribs and baked beans, to formal affairs with filet mignon and lobster. We can work with any client!

Kiss The Cooks Catering Clients include:

But our most important client is..YOU!

Ok, we admit that’s a little corny but it’s true!

Chef Eddie & Iron Chef Jeff Zakarian in New York City!

Growing up in New Jersey and being from a “SEAFOOD” family (Which means We “SEE FOOD” and eat it) I was fortunate enough to be around many great cooks and to really appreciate good food. My Mother was an outstanding cook who could whip up a great meal from nothing. My Dad loved everything about food and he was famous for talking about amazing meals he had with loved ones and family and was always willing to try something new. So, it was a great thrill for me to meet Geoffrey Zakarian, Iron Chef, Food Network star and restaurateur, while on a culinary trip to New York City. I had an amazing dinner at one of his NYC restaurants called the Lambs Club. I had a martini at the bar and the best lamb chop […]

About Kiss The Cook (KTC) Catering

We are a small family-owned company with a simple philosophy: Serve amazing home-made food using fresh quality ingredients, and offer it at a reasonable price!

“We treat each event as if we were doing it for our own family!”

Since 2009, we’ve catered everything from backyard parties with fall off the bone ribs and baked beans to formal affairs with filet mignon and lobster, so we can and will work with all budgets! The bottom line is that we work with you on all the little details to make your special day, party or social gathering the best it can be.
Great food, unsurpassed customer service affordable prices. Sounds simple but that’s “Kiss The Cook” catering. Fully licensed, insured, permitted and yummy!
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