“Food glorious food” is not only a song from “Oliver” it’s a celebration of life. I know deep huh? But think about it for a minute. Imagine a family get-together, a vacation, a special occasion, lunch with friends, breakfast in bed, a late supper, a romantic dinner for two and many other gatherings. Most of these events are centered around food.

“Food! Glorious food!”

As a chef, I’ve been fortunate enough to cook in some of the most beautiful houses, mansions and estates and the one thing I’ve always noticed is that no matter how big or lavish the house is almost everyone at the event eventually congregates in the kitchen! That’s because good food makes people happy and nothing makes us happier than to see everyone in the kitchen enjoying “Kiss the Cook” food and sharing their most fond memories and sometimes a recipe or two with us.

Food creates memories, conversations, adventure, joy, laughter, comfort and sometimes remembering loved ones and tears. They say if you love what you do than it’s not work, so the food and service that Kiss the Cook provides is simply the sharing of “food glorious food” and the good times that come with it!

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