We do not live near Las Vegas and were planning our wedding weekend from Indiana. Initially we planned to do a DIY wedding reception in our large hotel suite. The health and mobility of my fiancé, who was still being treated for cancer, was not where we expected or hoped when we started making our wedding plans, plus we ended up with many more guests than we thought, so our reception plans were simply unreasonable and unrealistic.

Hearing my stress on the phone, our cake baker recommended them. Less than two months before the wedding, I contacted Eddie and Roxanne, who saved the day. Unfortunately with the time and distance, we were unable to taste the food prior to hiring them, but everyone at the reception thought everything tasted great.

They were super easy to work with, and everything went smoothly. They came to our suite while we were off getting married and set up the food so it was hot and ready as soon as everyone arrived back at our suite. It was like magic. Their prices were also a fraction of the cost of having the hotel cater our reception.

Glenda C.

Review via Yelp