Since this is Vegas let’s make a bet. I’ll bet that you could walk in a room of 100 married couples and ask how many of you were married by the Chef at your wedding? Pretty safe bet that not one would raise their hands, right?

Therefore, Kiss the Cook catering has a unique and exclusive way to tie the knot that’s sure to make you win that bet. Besides being a great chef and the fact that you and your guests will have some amazing food that I create at the day of your celebration, I am also an official ordained minister and can legally wed anyone in Clark County (Las Vegas) and the State of Nevada to any couple of any denomination, any affiliation and any sexual preference. Yes, you’ve read correctly not only will I make some great food at your wedding, but I can legally marry you.

Let’s face it great food and love go hand in hand so if you hire Kiss the Cook for your blessed event, you get the best of both worlds and you’ve got a great story to tell so in fact you could raise your hand in that room of 100 couples and say “yes, the food was amazing and I was married by the chef at our wedding”! Now that’s an “I do” to remember for the rest of your life together!

“You may now kiss the bride….and enjoy a crabcake!”