My wife and I used them for our wedding in Vegas last year. They were absolutely wonderful. We were paying for the entire wedding ourselves, so we were on a tight budget. Roxanne and Ed (the owners of the company,) were very gracious and accommodating. They helped us find a menu that fit in our budget but was still elegant and delicious. We had the whole wedding service, reception and all, in the back yard of a vacation house we rented. If it wasn’t for the amazing smells coming out of the kitchen that morning we wouldn’t have even known they were there. They were extremely professional and they really went above and beyond for us. When an extremely obnoxious and horrible, evil, coldblooded vulture of a relative (on the wife’s side,) showed up a day before the wedding and demanded that we add fruit to the menu, simply because she is queen of the universe and everyone around her must bow to her and jump at her every whim,  Roxanne and Ed put together a huge fruit buffet along with a chocolate fountain at no extra charge! I only wish we had enough money left over at the end of the wedding to leave a fat tip for them. As it was, the little wife and I barely had enough cash left over to gas up the old Volvo and drive back to Texas. They are an amazing catering team and you would be foolish to go with anyone else. The food was amazing, but the service was out of this world.

Jay S.

Review via Yelp