If you are in the real estate business everyone knows the saying “Location, Location, Location!” Well if you are in the catering business its “Location, Delicious and amazing food delivered to your location, Location!” I got to work a little on the slogan, but I think you get where I’m going with this.

Recently, Kiss the Cook Catering provided some amazing appetizers and incredible desserts to Pinnacle Homes open house showing of two new houses in the Northwest. The houses were stunning, and the event was a huge success. In one house Kiss the Cook featured mouthwatering jalapeno poppers, filet mignon sliders and mini crab cakes and in the other showing were awesome deserts like mini cheesecakes, fresh fruit and homemade cookies.

And how did the food go over? Well at the end of the day both models were sold, and the client was so happy with our food and service provided by Kiss the Cook. “Location, Location, and great food at your location!” See that’s a much better slogan if you’re in real estate. If are looking to close the deal or to boost your sales, give Kiss the Cook catering a call today!