I remember when I was just a little chef someone asked my father what political party he was affiliated with and my Dad simply smiled and said, “I’m just proud to be an American”. It really struck a chord with me as this was way before Lee Greenwoods’ amazing “Proud to be an American” song of 1984. So now that I’m a big chef, I was proud to be grilling for a great company in Las Vegas at their annual 4th of July celebration luncheon. We grilled some great brats, dogs, burgers and the biggest fan favorite mac and cheese for the hungry and appreciative crowd. They decorated the place with plenty of the good old red white and blue flags and bunting and I was just really honored to be celebrating with them. Today if you ask me which political party I’m affiliated with, I’d simply smile and say the party like this one with amazing food and great people that we catered for today!