We just came back from our Vegas wedding that we had a month ago and Ed and Roxanne provided the catering service for us. We live in Connecticut and choosing a caterer across the country is not an easy task but after talking to Roxanne for 5 minutes we felt the stress (at least for the catering) level go away and a feeling of confidence set in. They made what could be a difficult part of our wedding plans turn into fun and excitement. We felt very comfortable after several conversations, so comfortable that when we received a phone call 3 weeks before our wedding, our Vegas house rental had a fire and would NOT be available for our 22 guest, we had no where else to turn so we called Roxanne at 10 o’clock at night looking for some help. She was instrumental in hooking us up with the most amazing house in Vegas that absolutely made our wedding a huge success.
Ed didn’t fold under pressure either. We had some tough critics with us that are amazing cooks in their own right that were gushing with compliments as well. Everyone was so relaxed with Ed and Roxanne running the show. We can’t say enough about them but we can start by saying this was a great experience and that without at doubt will make your event a hit.

Rick N.

Review via Yelp