They catered both a casual rehearsal dinner (drop off service) and full buffet formal service for my son’s wedding on the next day.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about the food and the service.  Roxanne couldn’t be more caring and attentive to details.  Our guests were VERY VERY complimentary about the food – and since they all took seconds (and thirds) they meant every word!  We didn’t meet Ed, but we enjoyed his cooking.

We booked the rehearsal dinner well in advance, and since we were doing it from across the country, we were depending upon the reviews from other people.  Then when my son’s original wedding day plans fell apart less than two months before the event, we were blessed that they had the day available and could step into the void.  Roxanne worked with me to design a menu around the bride and groom’s original plan since they were out of the country and couldn’t be consulted.  Roxanne also suggested “Cakes on The Move” for the wedding cake which was a piece of art.
The bride and groom couldn’t have been more pleased.

Bottom line, if you want great food and great service for your event, contact them and you won’t have any worries.

Rosemary K.

Review via Yelp